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Pain & Fever


Fever is when your core temperature is raised above 38°C. Normal body temperature for children and adults is around 37°C. People with a fever will experience feeling unwell, hot and sweaty. At times, you might feel cold and shivery even though your temperature is high. A fever will typically last around 3–5 days and most people will recover from a mild fever by managing their symptoms at home.

You can manage your fever symptoms at home using the following strategies:

  1. Rehydration with plenty of fluids, especially water (little and often is best). Drink enough so your urine (pee) is light yellow and clear.
  2. Take plenty of rest.
  3. Open a window for ventilation.
  4. Use a cool cloth to wash your face, hands, and neck.
  5. Change bed linen and clothing regularly, especially if they are wet from sweat. Wear lightweight clothing and lighter bedding.



Pain can be defined as acute pain (onset within hours or days) or chronic pain (lasting weeks, months, or years). It is an important survival mechanism to warn us of actual or potential harm to our bodies. Pain can often be difficult to explain and understand.

Our pharmacists are here to assist you to differentiate between pain, educate you on your pain conditions and offer advice on taking your medication.

  • Acute pain can come on suddenly and is caused by something specific such as burns or cuts, bee stings, infection, broken bones, surgery, dental work, and childbirth. The pain occurs for less than 3 months and goes away when there is no longer an underlying cause.
  • Chronic pain lasts longer than 3 months and is often described as a persistent pain that doesn’t go away as expected after an illness or injury. Some examples that cause this type of pain include Fibromyalgia, lower back pain, and arthritis pain.


Our pharmacist can help recommend products to combat symptoms of pain and fever. You may be eligible for the funded Minor Health Conditions Service if you are: 

  • Of Māori or Pacific ethnicity 

  • A Community Services Card (CSC) holder 

  • A child aged 14 years or younger; or 

  • Part of a family/household with a child under 14 years or younger and you are both experiencing these symptoms. 

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